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Management Accounts In York

Management accounts provide vital financial insights that can help drive success for your business.

At Mollan & Co, we have more than 40 years ofmanagement accounts experience in helping start-ups and SMEs grow through careful financial planning. We can provide monthly or quarterly management accounts that provide insights into your company’s financial wellbeing.

We’ll work with you to pinpoint any potential risks or opportunities and implement robust financial controls to help you track performance. Tailored forecasting reports can also help you make informed decisions on the future of your business.

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What are management accounts?

Management accounts are a set of financial reports and statements that are prepared specifically for the use of management within a business.

These accounts aren’t meant for external stakeholders like investors or regulatory authorities such as HMRC. Instead, they’re used for internal decision-making and planning purposes.

Management accounts can play a crucial role in helping business owners and managers monitor performance, make informed business decisions, and efficiently allocate resources.


Our management account services include:

  • Profit and loss statements

Also known as income statements, these reports detail revenues, costs, and expenses to determine the profitability of a business.

  • Balance sheets

We can provide an overview of your company’s financial position, including assets, liabilities, and equity.

  • Cash flow statements

Outlining the cash inflows and outflows over a specific period to assess the organisation’s liquidity.

  • Budgets and forecasts

Comparisons of actual financial performance against planned budgets and future projections.


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Mollan & Co are expert accountants with moreThree Best Rated Accountant than 40 years of experience in creating management account reports for businesses across Yorkshire.

As your trusted partner, we can help streamline your financial processes, provide strategic insights into your business, and optimise resource allocation for future success.

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  • The team at Mollan & Co are an important part in the development of my business and have given help tailored to the individual needs of my business and have been assisted by Mollan & Co all the way. Their friendly, approachable and professional attitude makes them stand out from the crowd.

    Home Brew Online Testimonial

    — John Harbisher
    Home Brew Online Ltd

  • The team at Mollan & Co are professional, friendly, and always available to provide advice and guidance on a range of matters.  The way Mollan & Co is set up means that we have a dedicated point of contact within the accountancy team.  This is really valuable. Mollan & Co has also offered sound advice on the development of our business.

    Communication is a key part of any business and this is a particular strength of the team at Mollan & Co

    Jon and David Stephenson
    -Directors of York Road Garage Ltd

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