Your support is appreciated……….The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon

  • The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon is now into it’s fourth year and as it runs right past our offices it set us talking last year. Could we run a marathon? The immediate response was laughter and no! However they do have a relay section as part of the marathon and as the day progressed we decided that if we had a year we could each train to run a section of it between 3 and 6 miles and raise some money for charity. The one condition was that we had to have a physical baton that we could pass to each other. On that one condition we signed up as a team for 26.2 miles. But it’s fine it’s just under a year away…
    Now it’s just over a week away and the last minute training is not helping with our nerves. All we care about now is that we are running for charity and to help in some small way. Which charity to choose was a decision that was not an easy one to make as there are so many deserving charities out there. There was the agonising over running for a local charity but then we realised, most of the charities that we wanted to run for had one thing in common and that was cancer. So the Team Mollan Just Giving page was set up and we set our sights on fighting cancer. Every mile we run, we run for Cancer Research UK.
    We may hurt after our run but it’s nothing compared to what others and their families go through with cancer. So if you could spare a few pounds to help it would be very much appreciated. 
    A huge thank you to those that have donated already.
    Team Mollan