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Tax Planning Accountant in York

Efficient tax planning is the key to successfully managing your business’s finances.

Tax Planning Accountant

Mollan & Co has more than 40 years of experience in providing strategic tax preparation services tailored to start-ups, small businesses, and landlords across the UK.

Based in the historical city of York, our expert team of tax accountants can help identify potential deductions and tax credits, optimise your transactions for tax efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.

We offer bespoke tax planning advice on everything from VAT registration to the best organisational structure for your business – empowering you to make informed decisions that encourage growth and financial success.

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Tax Planning Services

  • Strategic Tax Strategies

We’ll work closely with your business to develop personalised tax plans that align with your financial goals and operational needs. These strategies aim to lower your business’s tax bill while staying compliant with UK tax laws.

  • Financial Advice

We offer expert financial advice tailored to your business, taking into consideration the tax implications of various decisions. This guidance helps you make informed financial decisions that promote growth and financial success.

  • Identifying Tax Savings

With more than 40 years in the industry, our experienced team has a deep understanding of business-related tax laws and can identify potential deductions, credits, and exemptions specific to your financial situation. This can lead to significant tax savings for your business.

  • Optimising Transactions

Mollan & Co can assist in structuring your business transactions and operations to minimise tax implications. This includes choosing tax-efficient organisational structures and managing financial decisions in a way that reduces your business’s tax liability.

  • Regulatory Compliance

We make it a priority to stay updated with the latest UK tax laws and regulations, ensuring your business remains fully compliant while taking advantage of new opportunities and available tax reliefs.


Who Our Tax Planning Services Help

Mollan & Co provides tax planning and preparation services for businesses of all sizes. This includes:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). SMEs can benefit significantly from our tax planning expertise. Our tailored solutions are designed to improve your financial stability. By optimising your tax position, you can keep more of your hard-earned money and reinvest it in your business for growth and development.
  • Start-up businesses. Starting a new business can be overwhelming, and tax planning is often overlooked. We offer guidance to ensure your business is on a tax-efficient path from the beginning, helping you save money and reduce potential financial stress as your business grows.
  • Tax Planning Accountant YorkLandlords. Navigating the tax implications of owning one or multiple rental properties can be complex. Our tax planning services for landlords help you make informed decisions about rental income, property deductions, and compliance with tax laws. This not only ensures you meet your tax obligations but also maximises your returns, making property management more financially rewarding.

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  • The team at Mollan & Co are an important part in the development of my business and have given help tailored to the individual needs of my business and have been assisted by Mollan & Co all the way. Their friendly, approachable and professional attitude makes them stand out from the crowd.

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    — John Harbisher
    Home Brew Online Ltd

  • Finding the right Accountant is essential …….. luckily a friend recommended Mollan & Co to us in 2003 and we have been with them ever since.  Professional, personal and crucially approachable; the service they offer allows you to concentrate on your business knowing that everything is in safe hands behind the scenes.

    — Mike Omerod
    Subway franchisee

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