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VAT Accountant Returns in York

Understanding and managing VAT returns can be a daunting task for business owners.

The complexities of HMRC regulations, the need for precise record-keeping, quarterly reporting deadlines, and the potential penalties for errors can all make VAT returns challenging to handle independently.

VAT Returns Accountant

Mollan & Co have more than 40 years’ of experience as VAT accountants for SMEs across the UK. Based in York, our team can provide valuable guidance on VAT registration and compliance, ensuring your business’ VAT returns are filed accurately and on time.


We also offer expert advice on navigating VAT exemptions and identifying potential cost-saving opportunities that can help your business grow.

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Do I Need To Register For VAT?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax that customers pay on goods and services sold by businesses registered for VAT.

Businesses that earn more than the VAT threshold (which in the UK is currently £85,000 in the last 12 months) are required to register for VAT. Smaller businesses also have the option to voluntarily register for VAT, even if their turnover is below this threshold.

Once registered, these businesses must add VAT to the cost of the goods and services they sell and maintain records of the VAT they’ve paid when making purchases for their business.

VAT returns are submitted and VAT payments made to HMRC every quarter.

If you think your business should be VAT registered, get in touch to speak to a VAT accountant today.


Our VAT Return Services Includes:

  • VAT Registration

We can assist in the initial VAT registration process, helping your business comply with the necessary requirements and making sure you are registered correctly.

  • VAT Calculation

Mollan & Co will calculate the amount of VAT owed to HMRC and the amount of VAT that can be reclaimed, including keeping you informed on VAT rates and any exemptions that apply to your business.

  • Submission of VAT Returns

Our expert VAT accountants will prepare and submit VAT returns on your behalf, ensuring they are filed accurately and on time.

  • Compliance with VAT Regulations

We stay up to date with the ever-changing HMRC regulations to ensure your business remains compliant. We’ll advise on the implications of any regulatory changes and make the necessary adjustments to your VAT processes.

  • VAT Planning

VAT Return ServicesWe provide strategic tax planning services to minimise your VAT liability and identify

opportunities for VAT savings. This may involve advice on structuring transactions or optimising your business processes.


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We are expert SME accountants with more than 40 years of experience in managing VAT returns for businesses across the UK.

With Mollan & Co as your trusted partner, you’ll rest easy knowing your VAT returns are in capable hands – helping you concentrate on growing your business.

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  • We have been a customer of Mollan and Co for the past 2 trading years for 2 Companies.  During this time we have found Rob Mollan to be friendly, approachable, expert in his field with the ability to impart information clearly and in a professional manner.  We also work closely with Rob’s colleagues, who are equally responsive and helpful with any queries arising.  We have great confidence in Rob and his team and trust that what needs to be done for our business is being done in a timely manner.  We highly recommend Mollan and Co and have done so to friends and colleagues.

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    -Tracey Bennett
    OD Choices Ltd

  • I have been using Mollan & Co for many years since starting out on my own without any knowledge, then growing in to small limited company. Mollan & Co have supported and advised us in all stages of our growth. We love that they are a local, family run business who don’t speak jargon.

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    - Tara Gammon
    Rainbows Ceramics

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