Three Best Rated Accountants in York for a second year running

  • We are delighted to be named as one of the top three accountants in York for a second year running.

    Our focus on helping our clients has really paid off.

    As we move into more uncertain times we endeavour to support our clients in all aspects of business and hopefully helping many new clients as well.


    Author Profile
    Owner and Managing Director at Mollan & Co

    I'm the owner and Managing Director of Mollan & Co Accountants. I'm a skilled and efficient accountant with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

    I developed valuable skills in commercialisation through my work in the science and technology department at the Scottish University. Then, in 2002, I formed my own internet-based marketing company, producing and distributing 360° virtual reality tours for the Scottish tourism sector.

    I now use my commercial skills, expert tax knowledge and first-hand experience to help other businesses grow and flourish through strong accounting practice.

    Our success at Mollan & Co is directly related to the success of our clients.